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Is June a Good Time to Visit Orlando

Is June a Good Time to Visit Orlando?

In the eternal quest for the perfect Orlando vacation, many find themselves wondering if June is a good time of year to visit. Sure, the month of June can be rainy and hot in Orlando, Florida, with both getting bad by the time late afternoon rolls around. But if you’ve been wondering if June is a good time to vacation in Orlando, take it from Celebration Homes for Sale Group, the definitive realtor to the town built by Disney – June is one of the best months to visit!

There are several advantages to visiting Orlando in June, including longer days, longer theme park hours, discounted golf rates, great weather for water-based attractions, and no major holidays.

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Learning More About Orlando – And Why You Should Visit in June

Orlando is considered the family vacation capital of the world, and with good reason.

As home to Disney World, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and many other family-friendly theme parks and attractions, Orlando hosts over 70 million tourists every year!

But Orlando is more than just theme parks, and it’s more than just a tourist destination.

With renowned cuisine, a vibrant arts and culture scene, a strong job market, and historic population growth, Orlando is a major city on the world stage.

But don’t just take our word for it.

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How Hot is Orlando is June?

There’s an elephant in the room, and it needs to be addressed.

In the question of whether the month of June is a good time to visit Orlando, Florida, one factor looms large in most vacationers’ minds – the bad heat.

So, just how hot is Orlando in June?

In June in Orlando, highs average about 91 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures usually peaking around 3pm.

But June isn’t the hottest month in Orlando.

With average highs of 92 degrees, both July and August are hotter.


Is June a Rainy Month in Orlando?

As well as being one of the hottest months in Orlando, June is also one of the rainiest.

The locals think of it as a blessing.

Nearly every day, just when temperatures are peaking and you think you can’t possibly handle any more heat, the skies open and bless the city with a refreshing downpour of rain.

How much rain, exactly?

On average, the month of June sees 22.8 days of rain, with an average accumulation of 4.92 inches.

But don’t worry; the rain usually comes in short bursts and quickly evaporates in the heat of the sun, leaving plenty of time before and after to fill your day with fun outdoor activities.


Is June a Bad Time to Visit to Orlando Florida?

Highs breaking 90, rainy afternoons: so does that mean the month of June is a bad time to go to Orlando, Florida?

Not at all!

From longer days and theme park hours to great swimming weather, to discounted golf rates, a lack of major holidays, and more, June boasts many advantages for Orlando vacationers.

Scroll below to learn more about why June isn’t a bad time, but a good time to visit Orlando, Florida!


Understanding Why June is a Good Time to Visit Orlando


1. Longer Days

When it comes to planning an Orlando vacation, daylight is an invaluable commodity.

Because as the family vacation capital of the world, Orlando boasts tons of fun things to do.

But with so many activities to choose from, fitting them all into your itinerary can be a tall order.

Thus, maximizing the magic of your visit means maximizing your daylight.

And in June, you can do just that!

By late June, you can expect 14 hours of daylight, giving you plenty of time to make vacation magic!


2. Longer Theme Park Hours

With more sunlight to work with, theme parks take full advantage of the month of June by staying open longer.

That’s right – by visiting Orlando in the month of June, you can have more time at the parks.

Enjoy more time with your favorite characters, more rides on your favorite roller coasters and motion simulators, and less rushing from ride to ride.

Longer park hours even give you the chance to sleep in!


3. Discounted Golf Rates

Like to golf?

Orlando is a mecca for golf lovers, and June is one of the best months to play.

Did you know Florida is home to more golf courses than any other state?

And many of the best courses can be found in Orlando!

But with high heat and rainfall, the summer months are less popular with many golfers.

And that makes June a great time to schedule your Orlando golf vacation.

With lower demand from players, most Orlando golf courses offer discounted rates in June.

They’re also less busy, letting you take more time to enjoy the course.

Worried about the heat and rain?

Don’t sweat it; by booking your game for the early morning or late afternoon, you can beat the heat and tell the rain to come again another day.


4. Ideal Swimming Weather

Orlando is full of great opportunities to swim.

And with high heat, the month of June boasts ideal swimming weather.

Enjoy wet and wild fun at premier water parks like SeaWorld’s Aquatica and Discovery Cove, and Universal Studios’ Volcano Bay.

Looking for more natural ways to beat the heat?

Orlando is home to the world’s highest concentration of freshwater springs.

These natural, crystal clear swimming pools maintain a constant annual temperature of 72 degrees and make great places to swim, kayak, hike, and picnic!


5. No Major Holiday Weekends

Another advantage of visiting Orlando in the month of June is that there are no major holiday weekends.

Unlike most months, June’s weekends are free of major holidays, giving you more wiggle room when scheduling your vacation.

Of course, the attractions still get crowded in June.

But compared to months like April, May, and November, with their respective Easter, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving weekends, June weekends can feel like you have the parks all to yourself!


Where to Stay Next Time You Visit Orlando in June?

As the number-one tourist destination in the United States, Orlando is full of great ways to stay.

From hotels to park-affiliated resorts to vacation home communities, in Orlando, your accommodations are a magical part of your vacation experience!


1. Hotels

Orlando is chock full of amazing hotels.

From the Peabody to Gaylord Palms, Orlando’s hotels are renowned for their luxury rooms, stately lobbies, and fun-filled amenities.

Plus, thanks to their space-saving high-rise designs, they often boast unbeatable proximity to attractions, for unbeatable convenience!


2. Park-Affiliated Resorts

As the theme park capital of the world, Orlando boasts a wealth of amazing park-affiliated resorts.

From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, a safari-themed resort where large African game roam the grounds, to the endless family fun of Universal’s Endless Summer Resort, these resorts keep you immersed in magic long after the theme parks have closed their gates.


5. Vacation Home Communities

Looking for the ultimate way to stay on your next Orlando vacation?

Look no further than ILoveVH’s handpicked lineup of Orlando vacation home communities.

With great locations and resort-style amenities, these lodging options give you the convenience of a hotel with the fun of a resort.

And with top-of-the-line homes by renowned builders, complete with fully equipped kitchens, private garages, and an array of spacious bedrooms, they offer all the comforts of home.

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Maximize Your Good Time By Planning Your Next Orlando Visit for June!

So to review, if you’re wondering whether June is a good or bad month to visit Orlando, Florida, take it from the locals at Celebration Homes for Sale Group: it’s a great time!

To learn more, or to book your June vacation in Orlando, give us a call today!


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