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Is Orlando a Safe City?

Is Orlando a Safe City?

Want to know if the city of Orlando, FL is a safe place to live? Celebration Homes for Sale by Authentic has the answer! With a population of over 300,000, and an annual tourist flow of over 70,000,000, Orlando is, at any given time, one of the biggest cities in the southeast.

It’s also one of the safest. Of course, like any big city, there are areas with crime, but in general, the city of Orlando, Florida is very safe for residents and tourists. Especially communities like Celebration.

Here, private security, community-wide cameras, and a family-friendly atmosphere promise utmost safety.

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Learn More About the Highly Safe City of Orlando

As home to Disney World, the “happiest place on earth,” the fact that Orlando’s doesn’t have a lot of crime may come as no surprise.

However, Orlando is more than just home to Disney World.

The City Beautiful has a unique, thriving culture all its own, with premier sports teams like Orlando City Soccer Club and the Orlando Magic, a booming tech sector, electric nightlife, and a strong appreciation for the arts.

It’s also home to a celebrated culinary scene, ranking at number two on WalletHub’s list of best foodie cities.

But Orlando’s assets aren’t all manmade.

Here you’ll find a wealth of freshwater lakes renowned for bass fishing, a diverse array of wildlife, and the world’s largest collection of natural springs.


Why is Orlando a Good City to Live in?

Safety is one of Orlando’s biggest selling points.

But it’s far from the only thing this great city has to offer.

Read on to learn a few of the reasons why Orlando is a good place to live.


1. Orlando is a Safe City to Live In

Despite a growing population of more than 300,000, and an annual tourist population of 70,000,000, Orlando is a surprisingly safe city in which to live and invest.

Orlando, Florida’s tourist and business districts are especially safe, while, as in any city, certain residential areas should be avoided if possible.

But with many upscale, family-friendly neighborhoods, such as Winter Park, Windermere, Isleworth, Montverde, College Park, and Belle Isle, you’ll find no shortage of safe locations in the Greater Orlando Area.

In short, if you’re looking for a safe place to raise your family, retire, winter, or invest, Orlando promises security for you and your asset


2. Weather

They don’t call Florida the Sunshine State for nothing.

And Orlando didn’t fall far from the tree.

Here, an average of over 230 days of sun a year, an average annual temperature of 72 degrees, and snowless winters that rarely dip below 50, let you stay comfortable and active the whole year through.

It should be noted, however, that due to Orlando’s distance from the oceans, which temper the climates of Florida’s coastal cities, the summer heat and humidity can be quite high and somewhat uncomfortable.

But being landlocked has its advantages.

Because with more than 60 miles of wind-sheering land between Orlando and the nearest Ocean, the city is buffered against the brunt of the wind and rain in the event of a hurricane landfall.


4. Outdoor Activities

What use is great weather without great ways to enjoy it?

In Orlando, a natural setting provides plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

As home to hundreds of lakes, Orlando boasts some of the best bass fishing and other freshwater angling in the United States, with spots like Kissimmee’s Lake Toho, the Winter Park Chain of Lakes, and the Butler Chain of Lakes drawing serious anglers from around the world.

Orlando’s lakes are also highly sought-after by other water sports enthusiasts like competitive rowers, wakeboarders, skiers, kayakers, paddleboarders, and more.

But it’s not just the lakes offering wet and wild fun in Orlando.

With the world’s highest concentration of freshwater springs, natural gator-free swimming holes that remain perfectly limpid and a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit all year, Orlando is ideal for snorkeling and swimming, too!

Want to enjoy mother nature on dry land?

Orlando also boasts miles of hiking and biking trails that wind through its many conservation areas, botanical gardens, and arboretums.

Looking for a more manicured version of mother nature?

Florida is home to more golf courses than any other state.

And a great many can be found in the Greater Orlando Area.

From the famous Bay Hill Club and Lodge to the prestigious Lake Nona Golf and Country Club, to the National and International at Champions Gate the signature Watson, Palmer, and Nicklaus courses at Reunion Resort, Orange Tree Golf Club, Falcon’s Fire, and many more, Orlando’s world-class courses promise fun and challenging play for golfers of all abilities, and have put the City Beautiful on the map as a mecca of golf tourism.


5. Theme Parks

While perhaps less natural than its other outdoor activities, the theme parks are one of the biggest perks of living in Orlando.

Orlando is famous for its world-class parks, which pull in millions of visitors, and billions of dollars in revenue, every year.

But these attractions aren’t just for tourists.

Living in Orlando puts the world’s best theme parks in your back yard.

Whether you want the family-friendly wholesomeness of Disney World, cutting-edge thrills of Universal Orlando Resort, amusement-style charm of FunSpot, or any of Orlando’s other parks and attractions, you’re sure to find fun for the whole family at Orlando’s theme parks.

And as a Florida resident, you’ll enjoy great benefits and discounts, such as reduced admission prices and the opportunity to buy annual passes.


6. Great Schools

Want to give your kids a bright future?

As home to the top-rated Orange County Public Schools district, Orlando gives your kids everything they need to shine.

From Hillcrest Elementary to Orlando Science Middle and High School, the city of Orlando’s public schools offer kids from kindergarten to twelfth grade the chance at a world-class education, with talented, dedicated teachers, small class sizes, engaging, challenging curricula, safe environments, and excellent extracurricular activities.

And best of all, it’s all paid for by tax dollars!

Looking for something a bit more prestigious?

Orlando boasts a wealth of elite private schools sure to give your kids the leg up they deserve.

Choose from renowned institutions such as Windermere Prep, Monteverde Academy, Lake Highland Preparatory School, the Geneva School, and multiple Montessori schools.


7. Great Eats


Orlando is a foodie’s mecca!

From well-known chains to gourmet eateries, Vietnamese fare to Brazilian steakhouses, to authentic Puerto Rican, Turkish, and Nigerian restaurants, Orlando’s culinary offerings span the globe and range from the frugal to the fine.

You’ll also find an array of themed restaurants and dinner shows that turn mealtime into a fun family-friendly event.

In short, Orlando offers a plate to please every palate.

But don’t just take our word for it; WalletHub recently named Orlando the second-best foodie city in the United States!


8. Low Cost of Living

Looking for affordable living in a big-city location?

Look no further than Orlando!

For its size and rapid growth, Orlando is an astonishingly affordable place to live.

In fact, Orlando’s cost-of-living index is 5% below the national average!

Factors that contribute to Orlando’s surprisingly low cost of living include a strong job market, high average salaries, and low prices on real estate, groceries, medical care, and other goods and services.


9. Arts and Culture

Another great thing about living in Orlando is its vibrant arts and culture scene.

Here you’ll find a wealth of concert venues, art galleries, and museums, and an enthusiastic public willing to fund it all with donations and tax dollars.

Love music?

Then Orlando is the city for you, with venues like Hard Rock Live, the Amway Arena, House of Blues, Plaza Live, and the Social, hosting a full schedule of concerts by the world’s top musical acts.

You’ll also find tons of great visual art in Orlando, whether housed in museums, at outdoor events like the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, adorning the sides of buildings for all to see.

Theater is another popular art form in Orlando, with the Doctor Phillips Performing Arts Center, many smaller playhouses and black box theaters, and the yearly Fringe Festival hosting a wide array of plays and musicals, from spectacular traveling Broadway productions to charming independent shows.


10. Gated Communities Are an Even More Safe Way to Live in the City of Orlando – Storey Drive Resort

Yet another asset that makes Orlando a great place to live is its abundance of luxury gated communities.

These communities take many of Orlando’s best attributes and combine them in one tight-knit, ultra-exclusive location.

Love Orlando’s theme parks and attractions?

Many gated Orlando communities boast theme park-level amenities right on site, including water parks complete with resort-style pools, water slides, and lazy rivers, miniature golf courses, and a wealth of ways to work out without the work, such as fitness centers and sports courts.

Love the great outdoors?

You’ll find the majority of Orlando’s gated communities feature lush conservation areas, abundant green spaces, and walking trails.

Many also boast lake and pond views, and some even feature boat docks that let you access the water.

Like the fact that Orlando doesn’t have a lot of crime?

With 24/7 gated, guarded entries, roving security, and community-wide monitoring systems, Orlando’s gated communities are even more safe to live in than the city at large!

But it’s not just residents who benefit from these communities’ many assets.

They also make ideal places to invest in real estate.

Want to get in on the action?

If you’re a real estate investor looking for a place where you can maximize your investment security and ROI, ask how our partners at Storey Drive Homes for Sale can help you score a great deal in Storey Drive, Orlando’s best-located new short-term rental community!


So, is Orlando Growing?

Orlando is growing!

In fact, Orlando isn’t just growing; with more than 1,000 new arrivals a week, and new housing, infrastructure, and businesses popping up across the region, Orlando is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

Capitalizing on this growth, and in turn, contributing to it, are thousands of real estate investors buying up properties in Orlando.

Read on to learn more about real estate investment opportunities in Orlando, and how Authentic Group can help you maximize your investment security and ROI with premium property management services tailored and priced to your needs.


1. Property Investment

With historic growth and a low inventory driving up home values and rental rates, and with its perennial popularity as an international tourist destination, Orlando is one of America’s premier places to buy investment property.

And with gated entries and security detail to keep your assets safe, and the added allure of high-quality homes and 5-star amenities, gated communities are among the most popular ways to invest in the city of Orlando.

Want to get in on the action at Orlando’s premier new gated investment community?

You’re in the right place!

Storey Drive is Orlando’s best-located new community.

Nestled just outside Downtown Orlando on International Drive, in the heart of the tourism district, and with short-term-rental-friendly zoning, it’s an ideal place to invest in vacation rentals, long-term rentals, and buy-and-hold properties.

Enjoy the unmatched security and uncapped earning potential of top-quality homes by top builders, a gated entry, and a prime location near Orlando’s best points of interest and attractions.

And with Authentic, enjoy it all for less!

As the definitive Storey Drive home dealer, our partners at Storey Drive Homes by Authentic is your best source of deals on Storey Drive investment real estate!

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2. Rentals

Rentals are big business in the Orlando investment real estate market.

With a fast-growing population of renters choosing to live in the city of Orlando, long-term rentals offer a safe and stable source of passive income month after month.

And as the vacation capital of the United States, Orlando makes the ultimate place to invest in short-term vacation rentals.

Want to put the revenue-generating power of Orlando rentals to work for your investment portfolio?

Authentic can help!

At Celebration Homes for Sale Group, we’re you’re number-one source for long-term rental investments in Celebration, one of the most sought-after communities in the Orlando area.

And with our partners at Storey Drive Homes for Sale by Authentic, you can invest in a long- or short-term rental on International Drive, Orlando’s premier vacation destination, and one of its most desirable places to live.


3. Property Management

Whether you want to invest in a long- or short-term rental, whether at Celebration, Storey Drive, or another great Orlando community, your success depends on more than just buying a great home in a great location.

In truth, investment rentals take a lot of work.

From marketing your home for maximum exposure to ensuring the financial capacity and trustworthiness of your tenants, to providing for their wants and needs, managing an investment rental is a full-time job.

But you don’t have to take it on alone.

Bring in the professionals – at Authentic Property Management!

Our specialized property management department can handle all your administrative needs, from marketing to leasing, to concierge services, maintenance, repairs, and more.

In short, we can help you maximize your ROI and the longevity of your home with comprehensive property management services tailored to your needs.


What Are the Most Common (and Most Safe) Homes in the City of Orlando?

Orlando’s real estate market is highly diverse.

Discover a few of the most common types of homes for sale on the Orlando market below!


1. Single-Family Homes for Sale in Orlando FL

The most common type of home for sale in Orlando is the single-family home.

Unmatched for space, luxury, and value, single-family homes offer classic elegance without sacrificing comfort.

And as the most sought-after home type by buyers and renters alike, they offer investors the best return on their dollar.


2. Second Home in Orlando

As the vacation capital of America, Orlando makes the ultimate place to own a seasonal vacation home.

With a second home in Orlando, you can maximize the luxury, privacy, and comfort of your stay for years of vacations to come.

And the more you use them, the more you save on lodging!

Moreover, if your home is zoned for short-term renting, you can rent it out to vacationers while you’re not using it for a great source of passive income!

Want to keep your assets safe while you’re away from the city of Orlando for the summer?

Maximize your security and peace of mind with home watch services from Authentic Property Management!


3. Orlando Lakefront Homes for Sale

The Greater Orlando area is home to hundreds of lakes, and thousands of lakefront homes.

A lake view lets you wake up and come home to a serene state of mind every day.

Planning to use your home as an investment rental or buy-and-hold home?

Lakefront properties command higher rental rates, faster appreciation, and spend less time on the market than homes without lake views.


4. Homes for Sale in Orlando FL With Pool

In most places pools are considered a luxury.

But in Orlando, where the summer heat and humidity regularly create uncomfortable, even dangerous, conditions, pools are less a luxury than a necessity.

Want to use your home as a vacation rental?

Private pools are the number-one most-requested amenity!


5. Orlando Golf Course Real Estate

Did you know Florida is home to more golf courses than any other state?

And many of the best are located in Orlando!

Orlando is one of the premier destinations for golf tourism in America.

Thus, a short-term rental with golf course views can be a lucrative investment option!


Are the Neighborhoods Safe Places to Live in the City of Orlando?

Orlando is a modern metropolis and champion of innovation.

But it’s Orlando’s neighborhoods that make it home.

They’re also where you’ll find Orlando’s lowest rates of crime.

From the Old-Florida charm of Winter Garden to the affluence of Windermere, to the art and culture of Winter Park, Orlando’s neighborhoods are highly diverse, but one thing most of them share is safety.

Let the area experts at Authentic Group help you maximize your quality of life and safety by finding the best neighborhood for your needs!


Does the City of Orlando Have a Lot of Crimes or is it Safe?

Like any big city, Orlando has its share of high-crime areas.

But these areas are few and far between and can be easily avoided.

As mentioned, most of Orlando’s neighborhoods are highly safe, offering the protection you, your family, and your assets, deserve.


What is the Safest Area to Live in the City of Orlando FL?

Looking at overall crime statistics, the safest area in Orlando, FL is Lake Hart.

With a small population of just over 1,000 residents, and a natural, family-friendly setting, the unincorporated community of Lake Hart is safer than 79% of Florida cities!


Is Orlando Safe at Night?

Yes, Orlando is safe at night.

Again, like any big city, Orlando has certain areas you should avoid.

But in general, Orlando is very safe (and fun) after dark, whether you’re barhopping, going out to eat, or catching an evening concert.


So, is Orlando a Safe City to Live In?

So to review, if you’re looking for a safe place to live or invest, look no further than Orlando, FL!

And if you want to maximize the safety and security of your family and assets, look no further than Authentic Group.

Authentic are your community real estate experts in Orlando, with specialized companies like Celebration Homes for Sale and Storey Drive Homes for Sale offering unmatched deals and services in these highly safe Orlando communities.

Get in touch with us today!


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